Case study

Transforming showroom sales


Toyota was losing out on insurance sales. The carmaker’s showrooms needed an efficient point-of-sale experience, to replace the laborious paperwork involved in gathering customer data.

Our in-store tablet has made life better for staff, customers – and Toyota’s bottom line.

The problem

Toyota realised it had to change the way car insurance was sold in its showrooms. 

The paper-based sales process was slow and inefficient. And it was frustrating for customers, who had to provide the same information twice over: once for the car sale, then again for the insurance. 

To compound their frustration, the showroom IT infrastructure made the whole process even slower. 

A more efficient point-of-sale purchasing journey was required to put a stop to lost insurance sales. Given our track record of creating slick digital customer experiences, the client was confident we’d come up with the answer. 

We were asked to create a pilot solution for Toyota’s Hong Kong showrooms, ahead of deployment in other territories.

Our approach

Our first task was to understand how Hong Kong customers consume financial products. 

We carried out a thorough discovery exercise to explore this. It included stakeholder interviews, in-depth market research, and detailed customer insight and analytics. Also, design sprints enabled us to get right to the heart of the problem, and test the validity of our proposed solutions.

We also ran the rule over the IT architecture supporting the Toyota showroom environment.

This discovery phase led us to a two-pronged solution:

  • An in-showroom tablet app: to speed up insurance sales by pre-populating parts of the quote journey, making life easier for staff and customers
  • A supporting management platform: a performance dashboard displaying which products are being sold, in what quantities, and in which showrooms

The outcome

The app has made the insurance sales journey far quicker, more convenient and more efficient – providing a much enhanced customer experience. 

Toyota’s in-showroom car insurance sales have risen significantly as a result.

And showroom morale has improved, as staff are no longer dealing with excessive paperwork, and don’t have the frustration of duplicating information. 

In addition, the dashboard makes sales reporting more efficient, as it links directly to the client’s sales database.