Case study

Hillingdon Council:
Facilitating a one-stop service delivery strategy


Hillingdon Council needed to provide a more effective citizen service that would enable a channel shift from traditional and costly service delivery methods such as their contact centre, to digital-first contact methods and transactions allowing them to and move from an information provider to a business with sales targets.

The problem

Phase one, the redesign of their citizen portal, needed to increase customer and employee engagement, encourage self service transactions, minimise failed and aborted visits and improve operational efficiency and raise the Council’s brand perception.

The original website was confusing and overly complicated, leaving most users reaching for the phone to call the council to try to complete tasks or resolve issues, costing the council money that could be used more effectively elsewhere.

A new platform design was needed to make the council more accessible, relevant and meaningful to help constituents to manage affairs and grow confidence in local authority digital services as proactive rather than reactive touch-points.

Our approach

We worked with 3 service teams at the Council; Housing, Adult Social Care and Trade Waste Management. In workshops we established how they currently use web channels to deliver their services, ideate new journey maps to imagine how to best deliver their services, as well as reducing the amount of content and creating a better site structure to create a one-stop shop for service purchase and management.

The process

This opening project was about shifting the councils mindset from not only being a service provider but also a business that was as entitled to create revenue from its services. 

Providing a frictionless path to buying, managing and delivering services was the key to customers seeing the value in the products they were consuming. 

Using a mobile first approach we created architecture and interface designs that showed how the platform would operate across any device and build the templates for key pages and user work streams for 3 core areas that would be rolled out across all current and future user flows.

The outcome

We created the foundations for an effective and accessible channel that will enable the council to start to design online services including a front end design that established;

  • a simplified content structure and clear entry to services
  • a task based navigation
  • a one-stop shop for service purchase and management 
  • a way for customers to self-serve

We also provided the development and content teams with the building blocks to create sections of the site that support the council's wider goals.