Case study

esure API POC:
Harnessing the power of APIs


esure faced the classic corporate challenge in the digital era. Keeping pace with change was proving difficult due to outdated core technology. 

The Unit showed the insurer a brave new world of API-led infrastructure, paving the way for a major IT transformation. 

The problem

esure’s IT infrastructure was not configured to manage the fast-changing demands of the digital economy. 

Deploying new products, services and features online required significant updates to the core system. As a result, the system was growing in complexity, dramatically increasing time-to-market. 

To stay ahead of the competition, the insurer needed to get innovative ideas to market not once a year, but several times per day. That would mean overcoming the architectural constraints. 

esure approached The Unit to help transform its IT landscape and enable much faster delivery. 

Our approach

We started with a deep-dive into esure’s IT environment, to identify the issues with the current system, and see how it could be overhauled. 

Based on what we found, we recommended moving to a progressive, API-led architecture. 

Using an API layer to access and update the core system would underpin a new, rapid delivery mechanism, by allowing automated build, testing and deployment.  

Our process

Working with the IT department and third-party developers, we went about showing how esure could adopt an API-led architecture – and importantly, the difference it would make.

We quickly built a proof-of-concept (PoC) API layer. We then developed web services that could feed into the contact centre and online environments via this layer, improving the quote-and-buy journeys on both channels. 

For example, we were able to drastically streamline how contact-centre operatives provide quotes to customers. We moved the quote system from two screens to one, and created a simple dashboard for them to work from. 

The whole process took just 16 weeks. 


Our PoC highlighted how esure could deploy new propositions at a rate it had thought impossible – driving better customer experiences and significant cost efficiencies. 

The new contact-centre process made for simpler contact-handing– and a faster and more satisfying experience for customers. This led to increased sales, and saved esure £20m annually in contact-centre training alone. 

Following the success of our PoC, esure conducted a major IT transformation programme to implement a progressive API-based system. 

As a result, the company can now confidently deliver rapid change. The ability to keep up with the fast-paced digital economy has helped to futureproof the business.